Sunday, August 28, 2011

Earthquake and Hurricane in Virginia

I'm prepared for all types of natural disasters in my cute rain coat from Num Num.

This is the only physical evidence of the 5.9 quake that was centered about 20 miles from us.  We had lots of good aftershocks, too.

Joel is engaged in the breaking news story.

Notice how he's standing!  This is his new thing and he is always  trying to stand up and cruise around.

Check out Joel's new way to eat breakfast.

A little Father-Son guitar playing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 Months Old

Baby Claire Belle Hansen came to play last week.

We had a picnic and she shared her ball with me.

I love sticking out my tongue.

Hard to get a 10 month picture with me on the move.  Easier with me strapped into my highchair.

One of my favorite places to chill.  Mommy never saw me pull up until I was in the fridge. (Daddy knew I could pull up a while ago.)  When the door is opened, you see me crawl at warp speed to make it in.

I like to squish my nose against the side of the pack-n-play.

You know its a really dirty diaper when you have to take a mini sink bath while changing.

Another one of my favorite activities is helping fold the clean diapers.

My cardboard fort!

Last weekend we met my Num Num in Danville for the  afternoon.  

She let me drive her car!  We had fun catching up!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Joel in July

Flying to Florida for a quick beach trip with Grandma K and Grandpa H.  I did pretty well flying alone with Mom, but did not enjoy having to sit still in an enclosed space for long.  This leg of the flight I had my own seat!

We met Auntie Katie (Hervey's daughter) and Cousin Jaida at the beach, along with Uncle Brooks.  Jaida  and I loved spending time together.

Walking the beach.  We were at Palm Coast, Florida.

Having the paci in my mouth reduced the incidence of handfuls of sand going in.

Wearing my Hawaiian shirt that Grandma and Grandpa bought me.

After the beach, we went camping for the weekend with Auntie Katie and Uncle Drew and Auntie Karen.  I made Drew carry me on the hike.

We were at Lake Moomaw near the West Virginia border.  I did well and slept  *almost* through the night in a tent!

Hard to get a picture these days.  I really wanted that sign...

...And I finally got it.

Child prodigy?? 

Dad and I wearing matching shirts.

Check out this video of my new crawling skills!