Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beach Week 2011

Check out the view from our room!  This little man woke us up for the sunrise our first morning. 
Can you blame him? What an awesome site!

Tummy time.  Our pediatrician would be proud.

Sandy toes.

Thanks for the sweet fleece, Grandma Sherrie!  We used it lots on this trip.

Check out the progression here...

Joel loved to play in the waves and wet sand.

And his favorite toy is now any type of ball.

He had lots of quality time with Auntie Heather.

And made friends with an octopus.

There was no lack of female attention on this trip.

The Bob stroller providing some afternoon shade.

This picture says it all: Joel enjoying the attention of his adoring fans.

This picture was taken yesterday.  We had some friends over with a  two-year old girl who loves "baby Joel".  She is so generous!  Somehow while I was in the kitchen, she "shared" her chocolate chip cookies with "baby Joel".  I just had to laugh.  I'm the mom who was distracted in the kitchen pureeing organic fruit for my son, (which we introduce one by one with four days in between for allergen safety) while he was munching on a cookie in his jumper!  Figures.  

Check out our beach videos on You Tube!

...And Happy Birthday to Num Num!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

7 Months Old!

"Playing" in the Young Life Golf Tournament with Daddy

I'm a natural golfer.

I love my uncle Drew!

This is Mom trying to capture a 7 month picture...

...Still trying!  I'm super busy these days and cannot take a break for things like pictures.

Check out my favorite activity!