Monday, July 4, 2011

How I spend my summer vacation:

Mom and Auntie Katie picked fresh berries a few weeks ago.

And I love the blueberries!  This may be the messiest baby food yet!

Starting to think about pulling up

And I always have my tongue partially out when I'm thinking or working hard.

On a hike.  Couldn't stand the excitement.

Daddy ran a Men's 4 mile race to celebrate his first Father's Day.

I'm real proud of him!

4 generations on one couch! Great Mimi, Num Num, Dad, and me.

I love shredded cheese.  My mom is thankful I appear to be  fine with dairy!

Hanging with Uncle Turner in Johnson City

Having breakfast with Grandpa Logan on the porch

I loved sharing his water cup.

My first boat ride.  The verdict is still out.  I hate the life vest.

We went to the Indorf (Jay's mom's side) Family reunion near Oak Ridge, TN. 

The title of this should just be "summer".

We had a blast hanging with most of the cousins, all the aunts and uncles and grandmas!

Num Num and Mimi hanging out on the dock.

Cousin Scott even let Joel borrow a matching unicorn t-shirt!  We had a great weekend.

almost crawling

We do some "teenager sitting" during the day when we're not traveling around.  Mom looks the part driving carpool in the mini van.

I like playing video games with Aaron.

4th of July weekend

Check out the adorable outfit my Daddy wore when he was a baby.

And check out this "float" in the background.  We went to the Crozet parade on Saturday.

Out to dinner with the Thaches and Karen K