Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Man Ultrasound Pictures

Here is Joel showing off during his various stages:

6 weeks and just a peanut.

13 weeks and starting to look more baby-like.

18 weeks and waving "hello".

The Nursery

Here is Joel's new room ready and waiting for him!

His Grandma and Mommy worked hard in here!  This Do-It-Yourself room was a labor of love.  We painted the walls and crib and had fun working or various craft projects to make it all come together.

Joel's view 

Yard sale, antique store, hand-me-downs, and side of the road furniture make  this little space feel like home.

I became obsessed with looking at D.I.Y. nursery blogs and had a blast making this space Joel-friendly.  

Welcome to our blog!

We are expecting our first child, Joseph Logan McCabe IV (or Joel), in about two weeks.  We are thrilled and already so blessed to be the parents of this little guy.  His Due Date is 10/10/10, but who knows!  We'll just have to see what he had in store for us.

Here is a trip down memory lane for Joel and the progression of his growth:
4 weeks 

8 weeks

14 weeks

18 weeks: It's a boy!

21 weeks

23 weeks

30 weeks

33 weeks

37 weeks

Can't wait to meet him!