Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Joel McCabe

Trick-or-treating on the lawn with Mom.

I was overwhelmed by the crowds and wanted out of this pumpkin suit.  Maybe next year I'll see the beauty in free candy.

Visiting Dad at work in my costume.

"Get me out of this thing!" (Do you see a theme?)

Burrito loving family.  $2 Chipotle.

I am loving the snack cup these days.  I carry it everywhere with me.  Mom is excited to see me eating again after the tummy bug.

Monday, October 17, 2011

More Birthday Fun

Thanks Aunt Anne for taking all these awesome pictures and sharing them on my blog!

My (girl) friend baby Holland.  I think she was featured on my blog in utero at my  baby shower!

Big brother Wade apparently loves candy corn.

I think Wade is the coolest.

Not sure what I think of all this sugar...

Busy Birthday Boy

I've had a fun month so far!  Grandma K came to visit me and spoiled me as usual.

Then we went to North Carolina to visit my Num Num, Aunt Erin (who came all the way from California!), Uncle Turner, and Grandpa Logan.  I'll show you the awesome pics Aunt Erin took later.

Here I am terrorizing Num Num's house.  My parents say that I am into destruction these days.  I say its just exploration.

My first taste of ketchup.  Not as big a fan as Mommy, that's for sure.

I love to help in the kitchen.

Then, Grandpa B and Granna came from Texas to visit me on my birthday weekend!

We threw a birthday party for me with friends and family.

Mommy made football cupcakes because it was a first birthday/college football party.  Daddy said we couldn't have it any other way on a Saturday afternoon in October.

Love this dip.  It goes fast.  Thanks to my Num Num and Granna for making it.  And for setting up and cleaning  up for my party!

Some of the crazy guests- Daddy, Matt Logan (aka Unlce Matt) and  Aunt Anne.

Josiah, Fitz, and Constance enjoying the bubbles.

I had my own cake!  Check out the video below.

Love my Auntie Karen.

Num Num gave me lots of bubbles!

Its not a party if you're not being thrown in the  air!

Opening my presents.  

Loved the balloons!

Showing Grandpa the dentist how I brush my teeth.

My dedication at church.

We had lots of awesome friends and family support me!

And when Pastor Tom was through praying, he handed me the microphone and I said "AHHH" for Amen.  I got lots of laughs.