Monday, June 13, 2011

More 8 Month Adventures...

My Uncle Brooks...

And Grandpa Bruce came to visit!

Grandpa brought me this t-shirt from New York.

We had lots of fun playing together at the park, pool, and farmers market.

Check out my latest video.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

8 Months Old!

Can you believe I'm 8 months old already?

I love to play in the water with Mom and Dad and I'm now taking baths in the "big tub" more baby tub for me!

Mom's friends from college came for Memorial Day weekend!   Here is Kaely and her little man Finley who was born on Christmas Eve.  We had fun playing though he was a little frightened by my squealing.

Our farewell breakfast with the Stringhams and my best buddy, Simon.  We love Bluegrass Grill.

Mid-sentence.  I have a lot to say these days.

And I'm on the go!  Rolling around all over the place, including in my crib at  nap time.  Scooting backwards on the floor is my favorite mode of transport

My first baseball game on Saturday.  UVA played  UC Irvine at home.

I was even able to nap!

My first hike last weekend with Uncle Brooks.

This is the exact spot where my Dad proposed to my Mom  4 years ago!

I loved the hike.  And I fell asleep in my Ergo carrier on the way back to the car.