Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Pictures from the life of Joel

Aunt Erin and baby Joel
You might notice a theme - the boy likes to sleep (and we are thankful!)

Dad likes to read to Joel

Holly did some babysitting - look how happy they are!

Joel's first check up

He gained his weight back. The first week of life babies tend to lose a few ounces.

The Stroller Gang. Don't mess

Testing out the baby carrier

We are still loving having visitors - like Emily!

Joel's first church service

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Joel's First Week

The Little Slugger
Go Cardinals!
Rocking daddy's outfit, circa 1983
Joel getting chip-faced at Guadalajara - his first time going out-to-dinner. (Night 6 - not bad!)
Worthingtons and McCabes
Anne helping Holly with the Moby Wrap
Anne + Joel + unborn Worthington baby girl 
Kaely + Joel (in a sweet outfit) + unborn McKelway baby boy
Holly's college friends
Nefret and Holly attempting to use the nursing covers
Simon and Joel (and Nefret and Holly)
Hanging with the ladies...Natalie, Mary Tanner, Holly, Emily, and Catie
Yes, he's trying to eat the monkeys
Nap time with Mom. "Probably the cutest thing ever" -Jay

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playing at Home (10/13/10)

Joel getting his nails filed (this is not going to be a longterm habit)

Joel and Dad soaking up the sun

Joel sun-bathing

Joel going on his first walk

Safe and secure in the Bob Stroller

Bath Time! He liked getting his hair washed

Playing it cool

Uncle Turner posing with Joel's newest gift - it's a lamb seat

The little lamb

Nap Time!