Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here!

I'm learning to love the swing!

Enjoying music class with my buddies, all born within one week of me!  Simon, Owen, Liam and me.

Sharing the "command center" with my BFF Simon.

There is always serious work to be done in the command center.

Love that car seat nap time! (Notice my lovies.  I play with them and put them on my face when I'm tired.)

My first swim at the pool with Simon on Auntie Nefret.

First cereal attempt.  The verdict is still out.

Enjoying the sunshine on the lawn.

Quality time with Auntie Katie.

Sunday afternoon nap with Daddy.  Love that man!

1st Cereal Attempt

Check out my first cereal experience on you tube:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Months Old!

We spent last weekend in Tennessee visiting Grandpa Logan and Uncle Turner.  I'm learning how to play Madden here.
I love to laugh at my Uncle Turner.  He always captures my attention!

Playing with friends

Sharing my toy with Owen Saunders
What a cutie!  We were born the same week.
Playing with Tobin Carter.  (You may remember him as the cow from trick-or-treating.)
We are so glad we get to spend time with Tobin and his mom, Cat, before they leave for Japan!
I want to be big like him!  He is about 5 months older than me.

Notice I'm almost sitting up on my own.
Still learning what "gentle" means.

Tummy time.  One day I'll learn to roll over, but not feeling it yet.

What I've been up to lately...

Playing on the swing with Uncle Brooks.
I wasn't sure what to think!
Laughing with Mom

Uncle Brooks came all the way from New York City to play with me.
My favorite person to smile at is my Daddy.
Sometimes I think deep thoughts...