Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

Trick-or-treat McCabes

Hanging out on The Lawn with Harper and Wesley

Once Joel realized candy was involved, he was very excited about trick-or-treating.

My best little buddy Shepherd

Joel was fascinated with the pumpkin and named him "Happy".
The new "big boy bed".  This is what happens when you learn to fall out of your crib.

Perfect for jumping.
This is what happens when you learn to crawl out of your high chair.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

He perfected the two-handed cupcake stuff.

Thanks for the awesome presents!

Joel now says "Go Hoos!" and "Cav Man" frequently after this trip to a UVA game with Uncle T and Grandpa .

Big helper.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I've been up to lately...

Helping Mom with laundry.

We visited a turkey farm with our friends the Flynns and Reishes!

Hanging out in the barn with Constance, Parker, Josiah, and  Silas.

We've been working on "gentle".  No evidence of that here.   I'm pretty sure that one was injured :(

I am a lover.  This is a good and bad thing.  Some of my friends (an random strangers) don't appreciate my cuddly nature.

This is my new favorite activity.  I can usually be found in one of the bathrooms practicing hand washing.

Hanging with my BFF Simon in the tub.  Yes, I love to drink the  tub water.  Mom keeps telling me how gross this really is.

Making play dough with my peeps Harper and Wesley (and their mom Carter).  We have our own preschool class it seems!

Tracking the play dough all over the house.

Field trip to the Berry Patch.

Harper keeps all the boys in line and cleaned up.

Blueberry picking!

Making brownies with Mom.  I love to stir and sample the batter.

Playing "dress up".  One of my favorite new words is "hat".

These are my buddies Caleb and Kianna who used to baby-sit me when Mom had to work day shift.  I love them  so much!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Joel McCabe

Trick-or-treating on the lawn with Mom.

I was overwhelmed by the crowds and wanted out of this pumpkin suit.  Maybe next year I'll see the beauty in free candy.

Visiting Dad at work in my costume.

"Get me out of this thing!" (Do you see a theme?)

Burrito loving family.  $2 Chipotle.

I am loving the snack cup these days.  I carry it everywhere with me.  Mom is excited to see me eating again after the tummy bug.